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    The benefits EdTech can bring

    What benefits has EdTech bought during Covid-19?

    It’s been an 18-month whirlwind for educators. You’ve navigated the challenges of supporting online learning as well as working in news ways in schools to accommodate Covid-19 protocols.

    EdTech, the catch-all phrase for anything related to the use of technology in education, has been essential in making this possible.

    Schools were already using technology in some way or another but it’s become clear that home schooling solidified the need to embrace a host of technologies. Indeed, some estimates suggest that in the last 18 months alone, EdTech has moved forward five to ten years. So, what benefits have there been for educators?

    Freeing up staff and classroom time

    Online quizzes have enabled teachers to free up time both in and outside of lessons. Using online quizzes, there’s no need for marking in class or out. It’s easy to see where gaps in understanding are when results are collated together in spreadsheets.

    Easier setting and assessment of homework assignments

    Products like Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom have given teachers new ways to set and assess homework tasks. It’s simple to see who’s submitted work and to provide grades and feedback.

    Higher levels of parental engagement

    There have been multiple benefits of holding parents’ evenings virtually, including higher levels of parental engagement. For many, the experience of meeting online has been positive, so much so that many schools will be continuing to hold meetings like this virtually.

    What about the future?

    Whilst many schools are returning to more “normal” practices, there will no doubt be a period of reflection on what’s worked well and not so well (we can’t be the only ones with Zoom fatigue!).

    Swotly predict that technology will be at the fore of those discussions. What will stay and be developed further? What will go? How can technology be used to enable schools to “get more for less”?

    It’s definitely an interesting time to be involved in EdTech.

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