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    Smart speaker ownership in the UK

    Ten key facts on smart speaker ownership in the UK

    At Swotly we’re keen on smart speakers. That’s no surprise really. Our mission is to link parents to schools using voice technology.

    But have you wondered how many smart speakers there are in the UK, how often they are used, or what they are used for?

    Here’s a roundup of ten key facts from a recent report by voicebot.ai.

    Popularity and uptake

    • 19.7 million adults in the UK own a smart speaker – that’s 38.2% of the UK adult population

    • Just over 50% of households own one smart speaker, almost 30% own two which means around 18% own three or more!

    • As for those who don’t own a smart speaker, 20.3% felt that their smartphones offered all the functionality that they needed and …

    • 10.3% said that they hoped to buy a smart speaker within the next year

    • This puts the UK in the “early majority” sector of ownership. This means that more people will purchase a smart speaker in the future

    Brands and values

    • Amazon products account for a whopping 64.3% of the market in the UK. Google branded devices come in second, taking 19.2% of the UK market

    • Although sound quality rates as the highest priority for consumers (59.2%) it only just beats how well the smart speaker can understand the consumer when they speak (58.5%)

    Usage and purpose

    • Two thirds of smart speaker owners in the UK use them daily and …

    • Usage has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, with 55.2% of smart speaker owners saying they were using their devices more often

    • Although music and news are the most ‘asked’ for by UK smart speaker owners, other frequently asked questions relate to ‘how to’ instructions (33.9%), history (24.8%), maths (20.3%) and science (15.2%).

    Here at Swotly, we’re wondering if that’s parents searching for help with homework projects!

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