Swotly - What is it all about

    Swotly - What is it all about

    The who, why and what of Swotly

    Swotly? What’s that? Well, before we get into what Swotly is, let’s tell you who we are and why we think there’s a need for Swotly

    Who’s behind Swotly?

    Swotly’s founders are all parents of teenagers.

    We want our children to succeed in education.

    We want to support our children in their learning.

    We want to feel connected to their learning and progress.

    To do that we want to know what they’re studying. We want to know what homework and coursework they have and when it’s due. We want to be able to support them when they’re struggling in any given topic.

    Why are we developing Swotly?

    Schools provide plenty of information about their curriculum, timetable and students on their websites and apps. Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Edmodo and Google Classroom provide timetables, content and rich reports on student progress.

    But, between our children, we have to use four LMS’. Often whilst ironing school uniforms or preparing dinner, we must navigate several apps to find out what topics they're studying, what homework they have and where they might need help.

    With our background in technology, we thought that there must be a better way.

    So, what is Swotly?

    Swotly is a voice-bot for schools. Using voice technology, Swotly connects parents to a school's Management Information System (MIS) and Learning Management System (LMS).

    Using a smartspeaker or smartphone, parents can ask schools:

    • what lessons their child has

    • what topics are they’re studying

    • how they’re performing

    The answers come from that content that’s already within the school's systems.

    Our aim is to use voice technology to help inform and empower parents to:

    • communicate more effectively with their children

    • help them to become organised and

    • promote working-memory and active recall

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