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    Google Classroom

    Partnership Programme

    Swotly is looking to partner with schools or colleges currently using Google Classrooms. The partnership Programme will deliver these benefits:


    Be recognised as a leader in the use of voice technology, optimising your existing data to improve parent-school engagement and student self-organisation and to strengthen active learning skills.


    You will collaborate directly with our product development team to build the right functionality for your school community. Work with us to help shape conversations with parents, define the voice content and set the right ‘tone’ for your school.


    Our support and engineering team will resolve technical issues quickly. You can tell us about new ideas for functionality, and about what parents, students, and SLTs like and don’t like.


    We will provide regular reports about usage. You can find out which groups are engaging and what functionality they are using.


    Use our reports alongside other school data to understand the impact of the platform on things that matter to you: parental engagement; student attainment; organisation and uptake of remote learning.


    We will work with you to ensure the platform is accessible to all students and families in your community, particularly those considered hard-to-reach and/or families living in poverty.

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    Please get in touch if you're interested in joining our Google-Classroom partnership program, or if you'd simply like to know more about our platform and services

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