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    Proof of Concept

    At Swotly

    We improve parental engagement using voice technology. We provide access to data held within schools' systems in a natural and convenient way. And we do it with virtuallly no impact on the school.

    Instead of having to access one or more apps on their phone, parents use Swotly to enquire about their children's timetable and homework, and stay informed about their coursework grades. Most importantly, parents discover what topics their children are studying and even get a brief description of the subject-matter. This helps them to ask informed questions.

    Our aim is to empower parents so they're able to further support their children in their education, helping them become organised and active learners.

    Proof of Concept

    The proof of concept phase allows us to test the viability of the platform in a range of school settings, whilst providing data for you about parental engagement.

    How will it work? We’ll talk with your parental engagement lead - we’ll need to know a little bit about how parents engage already, what they like, what they don’t like, and challenge areas where you think the tool could help with your parental engagement strategy. With your help, we will identify ten families to take part.

    At the same time, we’ll talk to your Head of IT so that we can connect with your existing systems. The tech we use is safe, secure and low risk and integration with us is simple.

    Then, over the course of two terms we’ll capture feedback and data, and we’ll ask your parent group about new features they would like to see. We’ll share all that data with you at the end of the two terms.

    If this sounds interesting and you would like to know more, then please get in touch. We can tell you how it has been working in other schools we are partnering.


    Parent Engagement

    Improve parent engagement using your existing student data

    Active Learners

    Improve student participation and attainment through stronger parent-school collaboration


    Capture evidence of what-works as student attainment improves

    Ease of use

    Designed to have minimal impact on teachers and school adminstrators


    Employing bank-level encryption and security practices, Swotly is secure by design

    Data Protection

    Fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Please get in touch..

    Please get in touch if you're interested in taking part in our proof of concept, or if you'd simply like to know more about our platform and services

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