Swotly - What we do

    What we do

    Why parents matter

    “There is an established link between the home learning environment at all ages and children’s performance at school.”

    Education Endowment Foundation

    “Parental engagement has a positive impact on average of 4 months’ additional progress. It is crucial to consider how to engage with all parents to avoid widening attainment gaps.”

    Education Endowment Foundation

    What we do

    Education Systems

    Schools, colleges and universities use a variety of systems to manage their students, teachers and classrooms.

    Student Information Systems (SIS) or Management Information Systems (MIS) serve as the main record-keeping platforms for student information, maintaining the data for student grades, attendance records, and disciplinary actions.

    Learning Management Systems (LMS) serve as a platform for delivering digital teaching materials, assignments, and assessments to students.

    There is a wealth of data within educational systems that, when explained clearly, can empower parents to help children with their education.

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    Voice Technology

    Voice enabled devices were once the stuff of dreams. It was hard to imagine we'd carry mobile phones in our pockets, let alone talk to the devices themselves.

    Today, voice activated phones and speakers have become the norm. We're able ask our smart-phones to find a restaurant we might like, and then direct us to it. Using a smart-speaker, we can control the heating and lighting in our house, order shopping and recieve notifications of when it will be delivered.

    While adoption of voice technology is being driven by younger consumers, it is actually older consumers who actually use it the most consistently and regularly. Voice technology is now an estblished part of strategies for major brands such as BBC, Sainsbury's and Barclays.

    Putting it all together

    At Swotly, we improve parental engagement using voice technology. We provide access to data held within schools' systems in a natural and convenient way. And we do it with virtuallly no impact on the school.

    Instead of having to access one or more apps on their phone, parents use Swotly to enquire about their children's timetable and homework, and stay informed about their coursework grades. Most importantly, parents discover what topics their children are studying and even get a brief description of the subject-matter. This helps them to ask informed questions.

    Our aim is to empower parents so they're able to further support their children in their education, helping them become organised and active learners.

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    Parent Engagement

    Improve parent engagement by making data and information more accessible

    Active Learners

    Improve student participation and attainment through stronger parent-school collaboration


    Capture evidence of what-works as student attainment improves

    Ease of use

    Designed to have minimal impact on teachers and school adminstrators


    Employing bank-level encryption and security practices, Swotly is secure by design

    Data Protection

    Fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


    Support for school, course and individual messages

    Multiple Languages

    Support for families learning English as an additional language

    Student Insights

    Deeper insights into student behaviour to help identify when they need help

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    To experience Swotly, sign up as a parent of a child at our Demo School